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It's Your Attitude that Makes the Difference

During my healing journey I had to face to all the insecurities that I was carrying with me since when I was a kid.

I had to face them one by one, analyze them, and understand where they were coming from. At the beginning of that process, the opinion I had about myself was based on other people judgments. I didn’t feel loved, therefore I wasn’t loving myself either. People would project their failures on me, therefore I thought I couldn’t make it too.

Then something changed. Because when your personality is destroyed, you’ve gotta rebuild it. And during my reformation process I finally started to look at myself from a different perspective.

The biggest lesson I learned is that what you believe others think about you it’s often what you think about yourself. If you have a negative opinion about yourself, most likely you’ll end up projecting your own thoughts to others, which will respond to that exactly in the way you don’t want them to.

So, what about looking at yourself from a positive point of view? As soon as I changed my attitude towards others, their attitude towards me changed too.

I share this post because I want you women to remember that people treat you the way you allow them to do it. If you keep your self-esteem high, either you won’t allow them to hurt you anymore or you’ll be that strong not to keep them to stick into your life.

It’s your attitude that makes the difference.

I personally ask for 3 things: RESPECT, HONESTY, POSITIVITY.

What do you ask to your people for?

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