I was born Free. I was born CHAINLESS

Everything happens for a reason…

One day back in Italy, I was looking for some kind of inspirations for a new tattoo, and I friend of mine inspired me with hers that was saying ‘CHAINLESS’ on her back.

I felt it mine right away, but the day that I got that tattoo I hated it and I wanted to remove it.

I soon realized that the reason why I didn’t like it was because I didn’t feel free at all. I wasn’t doing what I wanted, I wasn’t happy, and I was doing nothing to chase my dreams. And I was already 26, which for culture means to be old since I was close to my 30s.

But then, I started with a big change, and as soon as I moved to NY that tattoo got a new meaning. That was the first time I really took my own life in my hands. The first time that I felt totally free.

Free from other people expectations. Free from cultural rules that said I was already too old to make such an important change. Free to express myself without having somebody telling me how I should have been. Free to follow what I loved. Free to chase my dreams.

If I look at the decision I made, I would repeat it 1000 times. No matter all the struggles I faced and the tears that marked my face.