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I was born Free. I was born CHAINLESS

Everything happens for a reason…

One day back in Italy, I was looking for some kind of inspirations for a new tattoo, and I friend of mine inspired me with hers that was saying ‘CHAINLESS’ on her back.

I felt it mine right away, but the day that I got that tattoo I hated it and I wanted to remove it.

I soon realized that the reason why I didn’t like it was because I didn’t feel free at all. I wasn’t doing what I wanted, I wasn’t happy, and I was doing nothing to chase my dreams. And I was already 26, which for culture means to be old since I was close to my 30s.

But then, I started with a big change, and as soon as I moved to NY that tattoo got a new meaning. That was the first time I really took my own life in my hands. The first time that I felt totally free.

Free from other people expectations. Free from cultural rules that said I was already too old to make such an important change. Free to express myself without having somebody telling me how I should have been. Free to follow what I loved. Free to chase my dreams.

If I look at the decision I made, I would repeat it 1000 times. No matter all the struggles I faced and the tears that marked my face.

I’m sharing what’s been an important piece of my life because I believe that for all of us the pursuit of freedom is the foundation of the pursuit of happiness. CHAINLESS is a freedom statement. And I want to encourage you to break all the chains that hold you back from living the life you’ve always wanted to live.

It takes only one thing to do so, it takes you to be BRAVE ENOUGH TO BE YOURSELF.

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