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I'm NOT A PRINCESS. I #StayStrong!

There’s always a meaning behind every tattoo…

I got tattooed “Stay Strong” on my ankles in 2015, which has been a year that for multiple reasons put me out of my comfort zone. That tattoo is another reminder for me not to give up.

A few years later, when my relationship with my #narcissist ex-boyfriend was over, I was experiencing the worst pain I’ve ever tried in my life. I felt like an empty body without a soul. I would walk around the street without a grain of energy, I would lay on the floor crying without being able to stop. I forgot what my dreams were, I forgot what I liked to do. I forgot who I was.

Nobody could understand what was happening to me “It’s just a break-up, don’t be this dramatic”. No, I’m sorry, that wasn’t only a break-up. That was me going out of an abusive relationship. That was me carrying a trauma. A trauma that most people don’t validate because they don’t see bruises on your skin.

I share my personal experience because during my #healing process, I decided that I wanted to help other women who were going through the same.

When I started designing my t-shirts, I thought that there's nothing better than words to send messages. And as my tattoos were giving me strength, they could do the same with others.

I wore my red shoes, because they symbolize #noviolenceagainstwomen, and I took a photo of my ankles. It took me a month to elaborate the message that I wanted to combine with Stay Strong. And after a long reflection I found 3 words: NOT A PRINCESS.

Because we weren’t born to be princesses who need to be saved.

We were born to be MUCH MORE than only that!

Share it with a friend who’s in her healing process.

Share it with a friend who’s still in that cage.

Share it with a friend who’s needs help.

They have to know that they are not alone, they have to know that they have to #staystrong !

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