Giada Joys Italian Fashion Designer




Giada Bardelli, aka Giada Joys, is the brand designer and founder of GJ ATTITUDE.


Giada's resilient attitude and empowering philosophy is disclosed directly on the phrases printed on her T-shirts collections, which compose the intimate diary of this fearless and outspoken modern girl.


Born and raised in a small town in the countryside of Milan, Italy, Giada has always been driven by great ambition, determination, and steadfastly resolution. She got her first work engagement at 15 years old, while still attending high school, and she soon found the way to emancipate herself from the rural environment she grew up in. Her natural aesthetic sense grabbed the attention of a very well-known Italian fashion brand "INTIMISSIMI" that hired her first as a salesperson to then soon promoting her to store manager.  After eight years of experience in the fashion industry, Giada decided to take a chance and refine her visual skills by moving to New York City to study Graphic Design at CUNY.

GJ ATTITUDE is the artistic outlet where Giada's graphic sense and her exquisite fashion eye meet the storytelling of her life's journey. The journey of a girl next door facing extraordinary struggles, that turned her into an extraordinarily powerful woman with a compelling mission - to inspire other women and to boost their confidence with her motivational slogans, her inspirational mantras.


"Play Hard and Be Yourself Every Day". That's how Giada created her own world and built her success from nothing. Giada is every woman, strongly fragile and delicately unbreakable, full of stirring enthusiasm for life, and contagious, electrifying optimism that she wishes to whisper into the ears of her fellow women companions with her unapologetic T-shirts collections.

 "there's always a rainbow after the storm 

there's always a rise after you fall" 

    - Giada joys